4DMobile Enters SaaS Market to Bring Mobility and Disruption to Dimensioning

The startup recently launched the first mobile 3D parcel dimensioning system, enabling greater workforce productivity and space optimization.


CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA – June 3, 2021 – Today’s warehousing and distribution environments look like narrow aisles, re-loading trailers, workers transporting parcels to and from a dimensioning system, measurement errors, and constant packaging changes. There is never enough space, time, and accuracy. 4DMobile was created to solve inefficiencies by developing xDIM Mobile Dimensioning Software, a National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) Certified, mobile, point-and-click measurement solution that is easy to use anywhere and by anyone. 

From warehouses, to eCommerce, to parcel pickup and delivery, and trucking, organizations need to optimize use of storage and vehicle space. Combining the patented xDIM box dimensioning software with a rugged tablet with 3D camera technology, workers can quickly scan and accurately measure parcels wherever they are, replacing costly and cumbersome stationary dimensioning systems, preventing wasted space, saving time, and ultimately increasing revenue and reducing costs. 

4DMobile was founded in 2016 by Matt Miller, a long-time rugged and mobile technology entrepreneur. Having spent the past 18 years developing a successful line of rugged tablets, cases and accessories for MobileDemand, Miller had a vision to take the technology even further with software applications to compliment his rugged hardware offering.  “After a five-year investment of research and development, we are excited to bring a game-changing enhancement to dimensioning processes,” said Miller. “With two patents awarded and a dedicated team, 4DMobile will bring innovation to the mobile workforce for years to come.” 

4DMobile’s companion company, MobileDemand, is an exclusive reseller of xDIM, selling a bundled offering of the software subscription with a MobileDemand rugged tablet equipped with 3D depth camera technology. Combining a first-of-its-kind dimensioning software with an easy to hold, proven rugged tablet, 4DMobile and MobileDemand are driving the future of mobile productivity. 

About 4DMobile

Founded in 2016 by Matt Miller, 4DMobile is a companion company of MobileDemand with a mission to elevate workforce productivity and optimize space with innovative and convenient computer vision and mobile applications. Learn more at nishas78.sg-host.com

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