xDIM, Powered by 4D Mobile, the revolutionary new way to measure boxes and parcels

xDIM Mobile Dimensioning

Bringing mobility and disruption to dimensioning

When mobility and speed matter, use xDIM Mobile Dimensioning

xDIM is a multi-method mobile dimensioning system that quickly and accurately captures dimensions of boxes, irregular objects and pallets, anywhere. The versatile, portable dimensioning system enhances speed, accuracy and efficiency for greater warehouse optimization 

The mobile solution (the xDIM software, rugged tablet, 3D camera and mobile scale) enables an entirely new workflow. Before, items were retrieved from their locations, taken to a fixed dimensioner to capture dimensions and returned to their original location. With xDIM, all necessary data including dimensions, images and weight are captured, and dim weight is calculated, at the item’s location – even at the upper levels of the shelving.  

xDIM goes where you go – whether you’re up in the rafters or on the warehouse floor. 

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xDIM Mobile Dimensioning Advantages

Increased mobility and agility
  • Measure items (lxwxh) where they are, no more
    moving to-and-from a stationary dimensioner.
  • Capture all pertinent item data in a single application
    with a multi-functional rugged device.
  • Reduce shipping surcharges with reliable, accurate dimensional data.
  • Retire costly, stationary single-mode dimensioners from your workflow.
Optimize space and time
  • Enhance warehouse slotting and storage space utilization.
  • Improve Ti-Hi pallet configuration with accurate dimensions.
Modern Solution
  • View data in real time from a cloud-based analytics dashboard and integrate with Warehouse Management System (WMS) or Product Information Management System (PIMS).
  • Segment and Identify items quickly and accurately with Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

xDIM Use Cases

  • Use existing storage space as efficiently as possible and optimize warehouse slotting with accurate dimensional data.
  • Keep PIMS and item master data accurate and up to date with regular dimensioning and weighing audits or to ensure vendor supplied dimensions are accurate.
  • Capture returned item dimensions when receiving to help replace packaging on items for resale.
  • Record all item master data from a single application and upload to digital catalogs or ecommerce platforms.
  • Avoid surcharges and fees with accurate dimensional data. Fees can be as large as $1,200 per instance if items are shipped via Express instead of Freight.

The Solution

  • xDIM Mobile Software
  • MobileDemand rugged xTablet or Microsoft® Designed for Surface® Certified xCases for Surface Pro and Go
  • Intel® RealSense D455 3D Depth Camera
  • Optional barcode scanner
  • Optional portable Bluetooth xScale S200

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