xDIM™ Mobile Dimensioning

Bring mobility to your weighted dimensioning

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When mobility and speed matter, use xDIM™ Mobile Dimensioning powered by 4D Mobile™

xDIM Mobile Dimensioning is designed to help companies increase efficiencies and reduce costs with patent-pending software that quickly and accurately determines packaging dimensions from anywhere.

Capture data immediately through xDIM Mobile, transferred automatically to xDIM Insight, our cloud-based analytics dashboard. Easily set API’s to transfer data to the apps you use every day on the job.

Exporting your dimensioning data is easy too – whether you need photos, an Excel file or just analytics, it’s easily accessible from the xDIM Insight dashboard.

Visit our launch partner, MobileDemand to see more.

xDIM Mobile Dimensioning advantages

Increased mobility and agility
  • Quickly measure packages wherever they are instead of moving bulky boxes to a stationary scanner
Time and space savings
  • Speed up processes by measuring from a connected mobile device
  • More efficiently fill shipping and storage gaps to save space
Increased revenue and reduced costs
  • Start charging by dimensional weight rather than regular weight
  • Eliminate investment in static, stationary volume dimensioning equipment
Bring insight to operations
  • Immediately capture data, sharable from anywhere with an internet connection on your own cloud-based dashboard.
  • Enhance collaboration with value chain partners.

Technical information

  • xDIM is built to work with Windows-based Software
  • Requires Intel® RealSense™ depth camera D415 or LiDAR L515 camera and USB 3.0
  • Connectivity required to access or transfer to xDIM Insight, the online dashboard

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