v1.39.4 – December 2021

Stay up to date with the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes for xDIM mobile dimensioning software.

xDIM Release 12/29/2021

Default to Auto Capture: To improve performance and measurement accuracy, the xDIM Client Auto Capture option is now enabled by default. The manual capture buttons are also removed from the user interface when Auto Capture is enabled. These changes help ensure that the measurement accurately represents the actual package dimensions.

Additional Measurement Fields: Three optional additional data input fields have been enabled. This will allow capture of more data about each measurement, improving operational efficiency. Additional field names may be set up in Insight, and may also be designated as text, numeric, or dropdown data types, further enhancing usability. Expected application of these fields is to differentiate measurements of case, box, and each lots for a given stock item; capture pallet tier and height data for incoming stock; and capture of both SKU and UPC/GTIN for stock items.

Concurrent Logins Disabled: Previously, a user could log in on multiple xDIM client devices simultaneously. With this change, a user logging into a second client device will be prompted to have the first device automatically logged out. No impact on Insight logins. This change will enable customer management to accurately track each user of the system.

Support for Weight Scale: Added option to capture actual weight of package being measured from a Bluetooth-connected scale. Contact MobileDemand Sales for information on supported scale models.

Disconnected Camera Fix: Previously, manually disconnecting the 3D depth camera would display a dialog box in a loop from which you could not exit until the camera was reconnected. An additional option has been added to exit the loop and terminate the application.

Exit Confirmation: xDIM will now notify the user if they attempt to log out or close the application while measurements have not been uploaded. This will help prevent loss of measurement data when exiting the application.

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