v2.4.4 – July 2022

Stay up to date with the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes for xDIM mobile dimensioning software.

xDIM Release 07/28/2022

xDIM Mobile Measurement Tolerance Angles: Previously, the Horizontal and Vertical Angle Tolerance parameters for 1-Step Corner measurements were set by default to 15 degrees. Our continued testing has indicated that setting these parameters to 7 degrees reduces the chance of obtaining inaccurate measurements, particularly on larger items. 7 degrees is now the default value in Insight > Organization > Advanced tab. 

Measurement Image Capture: Fixed an issue which prevented capture of six images at point of measurement when Image field parameters are set to allow six images. 

Caps Lock Indicator: An indicator has been added to the Password field on the xDIM Mobile login screen to inform the user that Caps Lock is set. 

CSV Measurement Export: Corrected issue with Distance not being populated. 

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