v3.3.12 – July 2023

xDIM & Insight Release Notes 07/19/2023

NOTE: This release has not been recertified for use in Legal for Trade (NTEP) mode. Current NTEP mode users should remain on v2.4.4. 

This release has not been tested using the Intel RealSense D415 3D camera. 

NOTE: The Microsoft developer platform used by xDIM was updated for this release v3.x.x. When installing v3.x.x over v2.x.x, you will be prompted to download and install two additional files from Microsoft. This is expected behavior and you must download these files for xDIM to run. 



Manual Dimension Input: In some circumstances, it is difficult or impractical to capture dimensions automatically. This may include dimensioning extremely small objects, pallets in bays or racks, and larger irregular items. To address these situations, a feature has been added that allows manual input of dimensions to minimize disruption to the user’s workflow. Enabled by a setting in Insight, this feature appears in the 1-step corner method. Pressing an edit button on the main screen will stop the dimensioning process and allow the user to key in dimension entries. 

Camera Not Recovering: An issue was resolved with the 3D camera not recovering after suspending the tablet, requiring the user to restart xDIM. The camera now restarts when the tablet is resumed. 

Auto-upload Required Fields Notification: An issue was resolved where it was possible for the “Required Fields missing” notification to be cleared from the screen without acknowledging the issue. This would prevent a new measurement from being captured. A modification now ensures that the notification box is properly cleared from the screen. 

Missing Location Data: An issue was resolved with not capturing location data for certain transactions, even when Windows Locations Services was enabled. Location data will now be captured for all transactions as long as Location Services is enabled. 

Account Recovery: An issue was resolved with xDIM going to the incorrect web page if the user indicated they had forgotten their password. Password recovery now works properly. 


Organization Enable Manual Dimension Input: A new option has been added to enable xDIM users to enter dimensions manually to address specific measurement situations. See explanation in xDIM section above. In addition, Measurements in Insight and CSV/API exports will indicate measurement transactions with manually entered dimensions. 

API Export: An issue was resolved where example Swagger interface output field names did not match the actual field names. Examples used initial capital letters in field names, where actual fields names are in lowerCamelCase. Examples have been updated to match actual output. 

New User Default Setup: An issue was resolved where new users responding to an invitation were not automatically assigned default measurement methods. Users will now have 1-step Corner and Irregulars methods enabled by default. 2-Step Box Face and Pallet methods will continue to be enabled via the User Edit function. 

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