v2.4.0 – July 2023

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xDIM Release 07/15/2022

Manual Capture Option: The option to capture dimensions manually has been removed from xDIM Mobile. The manual process only captured a “snapshot” of the current view and frequently resulted in poor quality dimensions. The auto-capture process has been the default for several releases and is now the only supported measurement process. 

Camera Idle Timeout: xDIM Mobile now has a 30 second timeout after pressing the Start button if the camera is not actively dimensioning an object. The user will see a timeout notification and can press the Start button to begin the capture process again. 

Caps Lock Indicator: An indicator has been added to the Password field on the xDIM Mobile login screen to inform the user that Caps Lock is set.  

Numeric Field Scan Input: If an alphanumeric barcode is scanned into a Measurement field configured as Numeric in xDIM Mobile, the user will see an error message and the input will not be accepted. The user must re-enter/scan numeric data or clear the data field. 

T1180 Onscreen Keyboard: When running xDIM Mobile on a T1180 rugged tablet computer, the Windows onscreen keyboard must be configured for floating mode rather than the default full-width mode. In full-width mode, the keyboard will be displayed and immediately disappear before the user can enter any data. Configuring the keyboard for floating mode will address this issue. This only impacts T1180. 

Scale Weight Required: A yellow asterisk will now appear in the Weight box if xDIM Mobile is configured in Settings for Scale Weight Required. This is the same indicator used for other required fields. If Scale Weight is required, then the measurement cannot be completed until a weight is confirmed. 

Descriptor 1 & 2 Field Options: The Descriptor 1 & Descriptor 2 fields now support Data Persist and Field Required options. Data Persist causes the field to retain its value between capture measurements until changed by the user, avoiding the need for repeat entries. Field Required forces the user to enter a value into the field before the measurement can be completed. These fields are configured in the Insight Organization view. 

Insight Organization View: The Insight Organization view has been reorganized into a General tab, which includes fields most commonly modified by users and an Advanced tab, which contains fields rarely modified by users. 

Insight User View: The Insight User view has been enhanced to move disabled (inactive) users to a separate view accessible via a dropdown list box. The Active Users view is displayed by default. Data associated with disabled users is not impacted. 

Insight Dashboard View: The Insight Dashboard view has been updated to display average Time to Capture (TTC), the time xDIM spends actively measuring the box dimensions. Previously, this field displayed the average Duration, the total time camera is on while capturing a dimension.  

Insight Dashboard Measurements: Links to All Data on each tab of the Measurement display have been removed. 

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