v2.6.11 – January 2023

Stay up to date with the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes for xDIM mobile dimensioning software.

xDIM Release Notes 01/17/2023


NOTE: This release has not been recertified for use in Legal for Trade (NTEP) mode. Current NTEP mode users should remain on v2.4.4. 

xDIM Measurement Labels: Labels appearing onscreen immediately under the dimension values are now labeled Left, Right, and Vertical instead of Length, Width, and Height. This change will eliminate possible confusion in cases where a box with a longer right side measurement was labeled as Width. 

xDIM Dimensional Weight Calculation: The calculation for Dimensional Weight has been revised to correspond to the requirements of the most widely used parcel carriers (USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL) by rounding the individual dimensions to the nearest inch/centimeter and then rounding the resulting weight to the next full pound/kilogram. Previously, the calculation performed no rounding and could produce a dimensional weight value slightly different than the carrier requirement. 

xDIM Manual Weight Input/Override: An option has been added to allow the user to input the package weight and/or override the scale weight. This feature allows weight of packages that exceed the weight limit of the connected scale to be captured as part of the measurement. 

xDIM Tablet Support Expanded: xDIM has been tested and approved on additional tablet computers offered by MobileDemand, including T1185 (available now), T1190 and Flex 10B (future availability). In addition, Microsoft Surface Pro 9 with the MobileDemand case is also supported (future availability). 

Insight Measurement Delete/Restore: A new feature allows individual measurements uploaded to Insight to be deleted by the user. This may occur when duplicate measurements are uploaded, or a measurement is reuploaded due to a bad capture. Deleted measurements may also be restored. 

Insight New User Invitations: Pending (unaccepted) invitations to new users may be resent without recreating the invitation. 

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