v3.2.6 – June 2023

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xDIM & Insight Release Notes 06/16/2023


NOTE: This release has not been recertified for use in Legal for Trade (NTEP) mode. Current NTEP mode users should remain on v2.4.4. 

This release has not been tested using the Intel RealSense D415 3D camera. 

NOTE: The Microsoft developer platform used by xDIM was updated for this release v3.2.6. When installing v3.2.6 for the first time, you will be prompted to download and install two additional files from Microsoft. This is expected behavior and you must download these files for xDIM to run. 



Pallet Dimensioning: A demonstration version of pallet dimensioning is included in this release. This feature allows the rapid dimensioning of a pallet and the goods on top of it and is ideal for warehouse putaway and freight shipping applications. Dimensions are calculated in a two-step approach by capturing images from the front and side of the pallet. Future options will enable one-step capture by recognizing the pallet size and using that to determine the length. An option exists to allow the user to subtract the height of the pallet and measure only the load for applications that require that functionality. 

Irregular Object Dimensioning Update: Algorithm improvements in this demonstration release will increase the speed and stability of irregular object dimensioning. Issues with dimension order have also been addressed; the vertical measurement is now correctly identified as such. The “DEMO” label has been removed from the capture screen; under ideal conditions, reliable measurements can be achieved. Additional improvements to measurement accuracy are planned in upcoming releases.  



Measurement Method Support: Added support for Irregular Object and Pallets measurement methods. 

Measurement Detail Field Order: The data fields that appear in the Measurement Detail view (for an individual measurement) have been revised slightly to improve readability.  

Organization xPIM Support: A new tab has been added to the Organization view to support settings for the new xPIM application being released soon. These fields have no impact on xDIM customers. 

Organization Updates: A section in Organization > General has been added to select Pallet options. Only the Allow User to Exclude Pallet Height option is in effect for this release. 

Users Edit Measurement Methods: The Measurement Methods section of the User Edit dialog has been updated to offer new options and allow selection of any combination of options for each user. Note that 2-Step Box Face and Pallet methods require the xDIM Premium license and are unavailable for assignment to xDIM Essential licensees. The Allow All option will enable all available options based on the user’s license assignment. 

Measurement Filtering: An issue with clearing previous filters on Measurement List or Grid displays has been resolved. Previously, the list would appear empty with a page indicator reading “0 of Infinity”. The indicator will now display the correct information based on the selected filtering parameters. 


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