v3.1.1 – May 2023

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xDIM & Insight Release Notes 05/09/2023



NOTE: This release has not been recertified for use in Legal for Trade (NTEP) mode. Current NTEP mode users should remain on v2.4.4. 

This release has not been tested using the Intel RealSense D415 3D camera. 

NOTE: The Microsoft developer platform used by xDIM was updated for this release. As a result, when installing v3.1.1 for the first time, you will be prompted to download and install two additional files from Microsoft. This is expected behavior and you must download these files in order for xDIM to run. 

New and Updated Features 

Irregular Object Dimensioning: A demonstration version of the irregular object dimensioning feature has been included in this release. Irregular object dimensioning provides a fast and easy method for capturing measurements of objects that are not cuboidal (box-shaped). This expands the capability of the software significantly by enabling measurement of a greater variety of items in the warehouse or shipping department. Note that the version contained in this release enables customers to try out the feature, but it is not meant for production usage. A follow-up release of xDIM will provide full functionality in the near future. 

Dimension Engine: A streamlined internal architecture update is introduced in this release, providing further speed enhancements for both 1-step corner and 2-step box face measurement methods. Faster measurements can improve worker productivity. 

Improved Accuracy: The 2-step box face measurement method now offers ½” accuracy up to 48 inches and 1” accuracy up to 96 inches. Increased accuracy may improve warehouse space utilization and/or reduce parcel shipping costs. 

Default Measurement Units: xDIM now defaults to Imperial units (inches, pounds) instead of metric units (millimeters, kilograms). Each user’s measurement units may be set in the Insight User Profile or the xDIM Settings > General screen. 

Measurement Method Switching: If multiple measurement methods are enabled, a selector is displayed in the lower left corner of the screen. When the user changes the measurement method, an enlarged version of the method icon is displayed next to the selector to confirm the choice. The icon disappears after a few seconds; no user action is required. 

xDIM Issues Fixed 

Fixed an issue where on some occasions, xDIM would crash while switching between 1-step corner and 2-step box face methods. 

Fixed an issue where if the user did not acknowledge the notification that location services were turned off, the next measurement transaction would have missing user interface elements. 

Fixed an issue where the pressing the camera icon on a data input field configured for images would occasionally fail to connect to the integrated camera on the tablet. 

Fixed an issue where uploading of measurements to Insight could fail if more than 30 measurements were queued, causing loss of measurement data. 

Fixed an issue with dimensional weight not being calculated properly when box was measured while resting on a connected scale 

Fixed an issue with manual weight override accepting non-numeric characters 



New and Updated Features 

Organization Updates: New sections were added to Organization > Advanced to manage settings for Irregular Objects (demo in this release) and Pallets (future enhancement). A section in Organization > General has been added to select Pallet options. Pallet-related fields have no effect in this release. 

Organization Page Design: Organization > General > Data Collection Fields (formerly Measurement Fields) is now contained in a collapsible list that is opened by pressing the “+” sign to the left of the label. 

Organization Missing Fields: When configuring an organization for the first time and a required field value was missing when the Save button was pressed, Insight would not give a clear indication of the problem. Additional notifications have been added to aid the user in completing the missing data. 

User Measurement Methods Selection: In the User Edit box, a series of checkboxes replaces a dropdown list box for selection of measurement method(s) available to each user. The “Allow All” box will select all methods enabled by a license. Alternately, each method may be enabled individually. Selection of only one method will suppress the Method Selector in xDIM. 

User Profile Default Units: New users are defaulted to Imperial units (inches, pounds) instead of metric units (millimeters, kilograms). Unit setting may be changed in User Profile. 

Insight Issues Fixed 

Fixed an issue where template dimensions were output in metric in CSV export files, regardless of units used for measurement dimensions. Template dimension units will now match measurement units. 

Fixed an issue where Scale Height Adjustment in CSV export files was output in metric regardless of units for dimensions. Scale Height Adjustment value will now match measurement units. 

Fixed an issue where manual override of scale weight was not indicated in CSV export files.  

Fixed an issue where Data Input Field values were placed in the wrong columns in CSV export files. Field values will now be placed consistently. 

Fixed an issue where dimension lines would be misplaced on a box that was measured while resting on a scale. Previously, the adjusted measurement was correct but the lines on the box showed it measuring short. This release places the lines correctly on the box. 

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