v2.3.12 – June 2022

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xDIM Release 06/06/2022

Two-Step Large Box Dimensioning: A significant new feature has been added to xDIM that extends dimensioning capabilities to box sizes up to 84 inches. Recognizing the difficulty in capturing large box images using the current “corner” method, which requires holding the tablet at an angle above box height, the Large Box Dimensioning feature uses a two-step process to quickly capture an image of the main box face, and then a second image of the box face to the left or right of the main face. The 3D dimensions of the box are calculated, along with the dimensional weight, from the two box face measurements. All data is available in the xDIM application as well as the Insight web portal and cloud database, providing a full record of the box being dimensioned. 

This feature was developed in response to customer requests to dimension larger boxes, such as those used for shipping big screen TVs, appliances, and furniture. Large Box Dimensioning also calculates the combined length and girth of the box, providing a user notification if the box size exceeds a threshold value. This can be used to alert users to boxes that exceed the maximum limits for parcel carriers, allowing them to redirect the shipment to a freight carrier and avoid oversize package surcharges. 

Note that Large Box Dimensioning uses a separate set of Position Guidance and Tolerance fields in the Insight Organization view. 

Large Box Dimensioning is a feature of the xDIM Premium license tier. 

Expanded Scale Support: There is a growing need in the supply chain to capture box weight with the same ease that xDIM provides for capturing dimensions. Support for two new weight scales has been added to xDIM, which will enable customers to choose the scale that best fits their needs. 

The Pennsylvania Scale Model 7300 is a traditional platform scale that is battery operated and communicates to xDIM Mobile via Bluetooth. It is best suited for applications where the scale is placed on a cart and/or use cases that require a Legal for Trade scale. 

A new portable folding scale is also supported. This scale is designed to be carried in a holster or by hand to the location where weighing occurs. Unfolding the scale creates a weighing platform that can be placed on any flat surface to quickly weigh the item of interest. It is battery powered and communicates via Bluetooth for full wireless portability. 

A new feature has been added to provide user notification of weight over a threshold value. This will notify users of boxes that may exceed parcel weight limits, or boxes that exceed maximum weight for stocking in certain locations of the warehouse. 

A feature has been added to allow the user to zero out the scale from xDIM. If the scale is reading a non-zero value while not weighing anything, then the user can press the “0” button on the user interface (upper right, just under the scale icon) to reset the scale to zero.  

Contact your MobileDemand representative for more details on these scales. Scale interface support is included in all xDIM license tiers. 

Play Before Upload notification: A new feature will display a notification alert to the user if they attempt to take a new measurement before the previous one has been uploaded (which would result in the loss of the previous measurement). This may occur if the user does not press the Upload button (lower right corner) after completing a measurement transaction. 

Camera Scanning settings: A new tab is added to the xDIM Settings screen to enable camera scanning and choose the barcode symbologies recognized by the camera scanning feature. This tab is only visible if the user is licensed for the Camera Scanning feature. All supported symbologies are enabled by default; disabling those not needed by the application will improve barcode reading performance. 


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